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rivt Examples at Replit

rivt example 01

Some description

rivt example 02

Some description

OnceXchange is a collection of searchable lists containing links to GitHub repositories of example engineering calculations and models. Each list contains links to example text files (not binary) for a particular engineering software i.e. Matlab, SAP2000, OpenSees, Python, RivtCalc etc. Currently there are about two dozen lists that are supported and edited by the community. Each example repository is released under the GPL3 license, which means it will always remain available as open source.

Each software example list includes numbered repository entries, ordered from most recent to oldest. The repository link is provided in the first line followed by a few lines of example description and key words. Clicking on the link takes you to the repository where you can further review and download the files.

Example list

    aslkfas dflas   asdflkas dflasdf asdf aslkfas  
    asdfklas dfasl dfasdf asdfklas dfasl dfasdf 

    aslkfas dflas   asdflkas dflasdf asdf 

Support or Contact

The documentation provides instructions for use and contact support can answer questions.